A little bit about how I got here...


Movement has always been an integral part of my life. Having trained at Laine Theatre Arts and The Royal Academy of Dance, my ballet background acts as a foundation for my yoga teaching and practice. I have over two decades of educational experience as I was a Deputy Head in an inner city London school - you could say teaching is in my blood.  

I came to yoga after a serious slipped disc injury, which left my left leg temporarily paralysed. After months of physio, learning to walk, I slowly rehabilitated and gained my strength. It was during this time that I began a regular yoga self-practice, and learnt to slow down and breathe...and that leads to where you find me today.

My teaching fuses the strength of Hatha Vinyassa yoga and the grace of dance, supported my uplifting beats. The simple yogic concepts of strength and ease (sthira and sukha), guide my classes, where mind, body and breath become one. I want to empower women and teenagers through movement, so that we can find strength both internally and externally,  and flexibility not only in our limbs but also in our outlook on life. It is important to me to create real yoga classes for real people. I believe that the purpose of yoga is not found in how many inversions or shapes you can twist your body into. Instead it resides in the very moment you step onto the mat and start recognising the present moment, how you feel and move in a mindful manner.

I want us to move and flow, with strength and ease, and definitely with no judgment or limitations.

See you on the mat.

From me to you

Yoga trainings

YTT 200/300 hours/ Yin Yoga with Rachel Park, Yogacourse.com,

Yoga Alliance International Credited

YTT 200 hours Integral Meditation, with Swami Vidyanand, Meditation Alliance International

Menopause and Perimenopause Yoga with Yogamama

Other teachers I have trained with - Jason Crandell, Donna Farhi and Alexandria Crow.


MA in Women's Studies, Oxford University

BA Hons in American Studies/History

PGCE Secondary, University of Surrey

BA Hons in Dance Education (First class), Royal Academy of Dance


"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

The Bhagavad Gita